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2018 National Sales Meeting: Strategies for Success

Posted on January 16th, 2018

2018 National Sales Meeting: Strategies for Success

The sales Staff at Aim Leasing Company attended its second annual National Sales Meeting: Strategies for Success at the Holiday Inn Airport at Town Center in Fort Myers, Florida.

The meeting began Monday, January 9 th, with a formal banquet and awards ceremony. This portion of the meeting recognized the members of the Aim sales team who met or exceeded their goals for the year. Those meeting or exceeding their revenue goal are awarded as President’s Circle Members in 2017. The following were honored: Alex Marchal, Ben Shaffer, Dave Nichols, Hal Luebbe, Jeff Leas, John Matthews, Kerry Langlois, Michael Wall, Mike Williams, Rick McNerney, Rudy Corpus, Steve Sawin and Tom Ristvey. Additionally, the regional managers who reached their goals were also recognized: Joe Telega, Mike Chopp, Tim Hanley and Vince Hellem. The members of the sales team who qualified for the incentive trip at La Playa resort following the meeting are: Alex Marchal, Brian Peisker, Dave Nichols, Hal Luebbe, Rudy Corpus , Jeff Leas, John Matthews, Kerry Langlois, Mike Williams, Rick McNerney, Steve Sawin and Tom Ristvey as well as the Regional managers, Joe Telega, Mike Chopp, Tim Hanley, Vince Hellem and Dan Fleming.

Standout achievements were also recognized during this banquet: Dave Nichols for signing the most new accounts; John Matthews for leading in total revenue; and Army Master Sergeant Shirley Bland, who works as the Corporate Fleet Asset Manager at Aim, for 30 years of service at Aim.

Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “This awards banquet is a time for members of the sales team to get recognition for their hard work over the last year.” Svancara went on to say, “I’m proud to lead a team of such high achievers – they deserve to be spotlighted for their efforts.”

The following day kicked off with this year’s Strategies for Success sessions, which included presentations from Svancara and other executives, guest speaker Mark Russell of LoVante Leasing Consultation, Dean Vicha, the President of NationaLease, Joe Gallick, Senior Vice President of Sales, NationaLease and roundtable discussions, designed to inform and inspire the sales staff for a successful 2018 sales year. The implementation of a new Customer Resource Management tool (CRM), by Regional Vice President, Dan Fleming, was one of the highlights of the meeting. The meeting was led by Svancara and he said of the day: “Today is about our sales staff coming together to learn with and encourage each other. They will walk away with the tools needed to help develop and execute their sales strategies for this new year.”

Tuesday’s meetings were punctuated by a vendor fair that concluded the evening. Aim’s valued vendor partners, whose generous sponsorships make this annual event possible, set up booths in the hotel ballroom for the Aim sales staff to visit. “Tonight, as our sales staff visits each booth, they will gain useful information about new products and services as well as insights into the latest industry technologies,” Svancara said. “But more than that, our team will continue to foster their invaluable relationships with our vendor partners.”

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Midwest Convenience Store Chain, Family Express, Partners with Aim

Posted on March 28th, 2017

Aim is proud to be selected & excited to continue the improvement process as the logistics partner of choice at Family Express. Aim will bring a wealth of food service direct store delivery experience as well as C-store specific logistics intelligence. This particular partnership is a home run for many reasons but none more important than our parallel commitment to “Family”. Aim expects to add 12 to 15 new Aim/Family Express positions in April 2017. The drivers & management team will focus on consistency of service ensuring that Family Express customers always have a positive convenience experience.

Family Express started on Christmas Day, 1975 when Gus Olympidis opened his first convenience store on the west side of Valparaiso, Indiana. Much has changed since then, but much has remained the same – Gus is still President and CEO and Family Express still maintains a total commitment to our customers.

We operate stores throughout Northwest and North Central Indiana. Our unique logistics model consolidates 30 traditional DSD weekly deliveries into a single daily delivery thereby achieving transportation efficiencies and unsurpassed freshness for perishables. We are known for high-performance fuels and our proprietary brands, including JAVA WAVE gourmet coffees, the JW European Cafe, Buzzed Energy Drinks, Squeeze Freeze frozen carbonated drinks, private label natural spring water, milk products, and ice. The Cravin’s Market brand includes a line of fresh sandwiches and bakery products such as our signature square donuts that are prepared and delivered daily from our central distribution facility.

“In the 4 to 5 weeks I have been around Family Express I have found this particular customer to be fun and serious about it.” Says Tony Miele, Aim’s Regional Director of Operations.”Business is fun when you believe in your product and want others to experience what you have created. I see a positive & creative environment that is focused on bringing the best products and services to the customer. This is going to be one great relationship, I can already tell!” Tony goes on to say.

Aim’s Matt Svancara and Mike Wall Honored By NationaLease

Posted on March 27th, 2017

Each year Aim’s affiliate network “NationaLease” honors its top achieving sales professionals with the prestigious “Masters Club” award; this year Aim was proud to be represented by Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales and Mike Wall, Business Development Manager.

Masters Club status is based on a competitive point system with credits given for each piece of equipment a salesperson signed in the previous year. As a way of recognizing and acknowledging their hard work and impressive results, NationaLease hosts the annual event where awards are presented by Dean Vicha, President of NationaLease.

“Each year, the Masters Club recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of those sales professionals who have exceeded the highest threshold of performance,” said Joe Gallick, Senior Vice President of Sales for NationaLease. “Their success is largely the result of effort, accountability, perseverance, and the tremendous team spirit they inspire among their co-workers.”

Matt Svancara was a particular standout as this was his 10th consecutive year as a Masters Club award winner. He was personally recognized by Dean Vicha, NationaLease President.

“Matt exemplifies the integrity and professionalism that make him a recognized leader not only in our organization, but the industry as well. As a further honor, Matt has also been inducted with the first ever class into the NationaLease Sales Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Matt” says Dean.

Aim president Tom Fleming said of Matt’s achievement: “I am excited and proud of Matt on achieving 10 years in the Masters Club. This is an accomplishment that only a handful of individuals have achieved form the thousand or more NationaLease sales executives. Matt’s hard work, patient, consistent style and his practice of putting the customers interest first has served him, Aim and our customers well.”

2017 National Sales Meeting: Strategies for Success

Posted on January 31st, 2017

2017 National Sales Meeting: Strategies for Success

Aim’s Leasing Company’s sales staff had its 2016 accomplishments acknowledged and planned for their year to come at the first ever National Sales Meeting: 2017 “Strategies for Success” held at the Holiday Inn Airport & Town Center in Fort Myers, Florida.

The meeting began with a formal awards ceremony on Monday, January 9 th, during which the winners of the Aim President’s Circle Award for outstanding goal achievement were recognized. The following were recipients of this prestigious award: Alex Marchal, Ben Shaffer, Brian Peisker, Candy Paulus, Dave Nichols, Dave Anderson, Hal Luebbe, Jeff Leas, Joe Telega, John Matthews, Kerry Langlois, Kevin Dunbar, Mike Miller, Mike Wall, Mike Williams, Rick McNerney, Steve McCarthy, and Steve Sawin. In addition to the sales staff, the regional managers who reached their region goals: Steve Iskander, Tim Hanley, Dan Fleming, Mike Chopp, and Vince Hellem were also recognized.

Stand out achievements from Brian Peisker in revenue and Dave Nichols in new customers were also acknowledged during this banquet, as was the retirement of long time Aim Regional Vice President, Bob Penton. Bob served as Regional Vice President out of the Buffalo, NY area for Aim and was an employee for 31 years.

Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Aim says “This banquet was a time to celebrate the achievements and honor the hard work from the sales staff during 2016.”

The second day of the event, Tuesday January 10 th, kicked off with sessions designed to inform and inspire the sales staff for the upcoming year. “This meeting allowed for the sales staff to grow in their knowledge of selling Aim while gaining valuable tools for developing their markets in the upcoming year” says Matt of this meeting time.

Tuesday evening ended and the meeting wrapped with a vendor fair. Aim’s valuable vendor partners, who made this event possible through their generous sponsorships, were invited to a vendor fair on Tuesday evening. “The sales staff engaged with the vendors that evening by going from booth to booth, gaining product knowledge, learning about new features and technology, and putting faces to names of people they’ve been talking to for years” Matt goes on to say.


Joe Telega, Dave Nichols, Hal Luebbe

Shirley Bland, Bernie Carpenter, Matt Svancara

Vendor Fair

Matt Svancara, Kevin Dunbar, Bob Penton, Tom Fleming

Candy Paulus, Rudy Corpus, Rich Lamping, Dave Anderson

Bob Penton

Dan Fleming, Dave Thompson, Jeff Manion, Rick McNerney (foreground)

Matt Svancara

Steve Sawin, Matt Svancara, Mike Chopp, Hal Luebbe, Tom Fleming, Dave Nichols, Joe Telega, Steve McCarthy

Matt Svancara, Ben Shaffer, Tom Fleming, Alex Marchal

Kerry Langlois

Tim Hanley, Matt Svancara, Brian Peisker, Kerry Langlois, Tom Fleming, John Matthews

Tom Fleming

Dan Fleming, Matt Svancara, Rick McNerney, Mike Miller, Tom Fleming

Vince Hellem, Matt Svancara, Mike Williams, Mike Wall, Tom Fleming

Matt Svancara, Steve Iskander, Candy Paulus, Jeff Leas, Dave Anderson, Tom Fleming

Dan Fleming, Steve Iskander, Matt Svancara, Mike Chopp, Tim Hanley, Geoff Fleming, Vince Hellem

Karrie Chilkotowsky and Jessica Bochy

Aim Sales Staff

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