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Our trucks and trailers are expertly maintained by certified, experienced technicians through both scheduled maintenance and round the clock road rescue service.

The largest, privately owned truck leasing company in North America.

Aim Leasing Company was founded in 1962 as an affiliate of McNicholas Transportation who was, at that time, the largest steel hauler east of the Mississippi. Our initial goal was to purchase and maintain equipment for companies that didn’t have the internal capabilities. Since then, we have achieved steady growth and are now considered the largest, privately owned truck leasing company in North America.

Management that does more than just manage.

The ownership and management is actively involved in daily operations so that decisions can be made immediately, without requiring consultation with several layers of management. Our hands-on approach also eliminates the costs of multi-level management, keeping our rates competitive.

A network that extends our solutions.

We are a member of NationaLease, the first truck leasing system in the country. Our affiliate network provides seamless service to our customers at over 560 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In addition, the network provides over 50,000 authorized service locations and vendors.

About AIM

Over 50 years of hard-earned experience.

Since 1962, Aim has been an industry leader in full service truck leasing.

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