Leadership Launches First Ever ‘Aim Talk’

Posted on 5/18/2022
To bolster internal communication, a panel of Aim's leadership team hosted the first ever 'Aim Talk,' a bi-annual webinar to discuss the state of the company and all the exciting things ahead for Aim.

More than 1,200 employees proudly call Aim Transportation Solutions home. Why? Because just as Aim strives to be a best-in-class provider of commercial fleet services, Aim strives to be a best-in-class employer. A key foundation of being a career destination—like Aim—is communication, providing transparency, guidance and support. To bolster Aim’s internal communications (building on existing channels such as Aim’s informative employee newsletter) Co-Presidents Scott Fleming and Geoff Fleming, alongside Aim’s executive leadership, launched the company’s first ever Aim Talk.

Aim Talk promises to accomplish a few things. First is transparency. Aim leadership understands employees not only want to know about matters that directly impact their work and personal lives—items like employee benefits, policy changes and service enhancements—but they also desire to know more about the overall state of the company, particularly in an era of increasing national and global uncertainty.

It's through this bi-annual forum Aim leadership can share all the exciting events, changes and opportunities coming down the pike for Aim, and it also serves as a grand stage to recognize the hard work and dedication of Aim’s employees. Equally as important, this virtual forum allows Aim personnel, which spans the U.S., to hear directly from the executive team.

The full panel of hosts included Scott Fleming; Geoff Fleming; Dave Gurska, Integrated Logistics Chief Operating Officer; Terry DiMascio, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; John Reed, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technology; Patty Durkin, Chief Human Resource Officer; Harry Shood, Aim’s new Chief Accounting Officer; Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing; Tom Reda, Integrated Logistics Vice President of Business Development; Brandon Stieb, Integrated Logistics Vice President of Operations; Carli Kuntze, Director of Human Resource; and Jessica Bochy Deane, Director of Marketing and Aim Talk moderator.

In the inaugural Aim Talk, a few hundred Aim employees logged on to hear the executive leadership team cover a breadth of subjects. Some of the session’s topics included recent changes to further improve employee benefits, record-setting levels of growth across all service offerings, cybersecurity efforts, safety enhancements through truck collision mitigation systems, perseverance over the ongoing driver and tech shortage.

“Aim Talk comes from our desire to make sure our employees know they’re supported and secure in their employment,” said Geoff Fleming. “To accomplish this, it’s important everyone stays informed on the company’s vision and direction as well as all the exciting offerings and changes we’re making to enhance ourselves as both an employer and a commercial transportation solutions provider.”

During the Talk, leadership took time to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of everyone at Aim. Special attention was given to Aim’s maintenance team, who have worked tirelessly to keep equipment on the road during a time of equipment shortages and sputtering supply lines; along with Aim’s recruiting department, which, despite the worsening driver and tech shortages, has made great strides in filling empty driver and mechanic positions so Aim can continue delivering unparalleled commercial fleet services.

Finally, another goal of Aim Talk is to open a dialogue between Aim and its employees, and everyone at Aim is encouraged to participate in employee surveys as well as reach out to their immediate supervisors with any questions or concerns.

Aim employees will receive a future email invitation to the next Aim Talk once a date and time are set.

If you're interested in joining a winning team built on a family-owned and -operated cultured, check out career opportunities at

As Growth Soars Aim Brings on New CAO

Posted on 5/16/2022
Harry Shood, Aim's new Chief Accounting Officer

Aim Transportation Solutions, a family-owned and -operated provider of commercial trucks and transportation services for more than 50 years, welcomes Harry Shood to the role of Chief Accounting Officer. In this role he will oversee Aim’s accounting operations and will be instrumental in further accelerating Aim’s growth at a time when a record-setting number of businesses nationwide are turning to Aim for their fleet service needs.

“We recognized a need to further develop different areas of the organization in order to improve and accelerate the future growth and success of Aim,” Aim Co-President Geoff Fleming said. “A key part of meeting this need is elevating and expanding the finance and accounting functions, which is where the need for this role arose.”

After graduating summa cum laude from Youngstown State University, in 1993, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Mr. Shood began his career in public accounting at the public accounting firm Hill, Barth & King. Then, in 1995, he went on to earn his Certified Public Accountant license.

As his career evolved into leadership and executive roles, his skill, dedication and resounding results attracted the attention of some of the Youngstown-Warren area’s most innovative companies serving national and global markets.

Working for these prominent companies—dealing in everything from titanium production for aerospace and defense products to branded food manufacturing and distribution—provided Shood with a uniquely diverse background. His well-rounded experience makes him perfectly positioned to serve as CAO at Aim Transportation Solutions, a Youngstown, OH-based company servicing businesses across the country spanning multiple industries.

“Harry brings a rich breadth and depth of high-level experience and leadership roles in finance and accounting in the key areas we are looking to build out including financial planning and analysis, budgeting, forecasting, corporate development and much, much more,” Fleming said. “We’re excited to have him on the team.”

“I am elated about joining Aim Transportation Solutions and the Fleming family business,” Shood said. “I have known about Aim for many years and have admired the Fleming family’s history of entrepreneurship and business success as well as their leadership participation in a number of civic organizations.”

“I look forward to working with the Aim team and contributing to the next phase of the company’s growth and development,” added Shood.

When Harry Shood isn’t crunching numbers at the office, he’s actively participating in community-enriching programs through the United Way as well as devoting time to the local Toastmasters chapter (Youngstown Speaking & Leadership), an organization that develops and refines communication and leadership skills. He also enjoys running and biking on the Mill Creek bike path in Canfield, OH, and doing yoga.

He resides with his wife of 29 years, Jodi, and his son, Jacob, in Greenford, OH. His daughter, Lindsie, lives and works in the Cleveland area.

Aim Webinar: International Roadcheck Prep

Posted on 5/2/2022

The transportation professionals at Aim are hosting a webinar to help get you prepared for the The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual International Roadcheck. This year's Roadcheck will take place May 17-19. Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers. Each year for the event, the CVSA places special emphasis on a category of violations, and this year's will be wheel ends.

Wheel end components support the heavy loads carried by commercial motor vehicles. They maintain stability, control and are critical for braking. Violations involving wheel end components historically account for about one quarter of the vehicle out-of-service violations discovered during the International Roadcheck, and past International Roadcheck data routinely identified wheel end components as a top-10 vehicle violation.

Aim will be hosting this webinar designed to help prevent you from incurring costly violations or even getting put out of service during the Roadcheck. Aim Service Managers and maintenance experts Larry Scherbarth and Marcus Hawk will give you an overview on what the Roadcheck will entail and how to best prep your vehicles and drivers to stay safe and ace that roadside inspection.

Register for free!

Ceramic Technics Chooses Long List of 3PL Services

Posted on 4/19/2022
Brad Lewandowski, Purchasing, Import, and Logistics Manager for Ceramic Technics sat down with Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, to discuss Ceramic Technics experience with Aim 3PL services.

Aim 3PL Brokerage, a division of Aim Integrated Logistics, specializes in customized shipping solutions for companies across the United States. This allows Aim 3PL customers to focus on their core business while Aim handles the rest. Ceramic Technics LTD of Alpharetta, GA, a long-time satisfied customer of Aim 3PL Brokerage services, knows the level of care Aim provides.

Brad Lewandowski, Purchasing, Import, and Logistics Manager for Ceramic Technics sat down with Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, to discuss their experience.

Ceramic Technics has been shipping porcelain tile all over the United States since 1988. With such a fragile product, their customized shipping solution requires a level of care Aim was poised to provide.

“We’re not shipping pillows,” said Brad. “This stuff breaks easily.”

Aim proudly—and carefully—transports tile from more than 50 locations to Ceramic Technique vendors all over the country.

“They’re a real partner and really invested in what we’re trying to do,” said Brad. “[Aim is] always looking out for our best interest.”

True to Aim’s commitment to flexibility and capacity, we have found a balance between budget and service. And with Aim’s extensive menu of 3PL services, Ceramic Technics has had the opportunity to mix and match as it applies to their needs.

“We use full truckload, expedited services, hot shots, limited air freight, over-the-road and dedicated equipment,” said Brad, proving that there is an Aim 3PL service for every shipping need.

Aim 3PL Brokerage, a division of Aim Integrated Logistics, specializes in customized shipping solutions for companies across the United States.

Defining Aim 3PL Services:

Full Truckload (FTL)-Through our extensive network and industry knowledge, we make finding the right carrier for your shipment a seamless process. We offer full-service coverage for the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico, and our experienced team manages your shipment through delivery and beyond.

Expedited-Aim offers 24/7/365 availability of Expedited Solutions to transport your freight faster, easier and, in many cases, cheaper.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL/Hot Shot)-A half-filled load costs the same as a full load. Stop wasting cargo space and let us match you with one of 100+ thoroughly vetted carriers through our easy-to-use platform.

These customizable services (as well as our additional services not mentioned here) are among the many ways Aim’s 3PL Brokerage and Aim Integrated Logistics work to take the pressure off of our customers’ business operations, allowing them to focus on their core business while we focus on getting their product safely from Point A to Point B.

In addition to serving our customers’ immediate business needs, Aim is dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships that will help us grow as our customers’ needs grow.

“Brandon (Stieb) and his team have made a world of difference for our operation,” said Brad “We’re fortunate to have a shipping partner who always operates with our best interest in mind.”

“Aim is not just in it to make money, but to build relationships,” he continued. “They always steer us in the right direction and give the best advice on how to ship something whether we want to hear it or not.”

“At Aim, our focus is service and a positive customer experience. We look to become an extension of our customers’ business and are dedicated to proving our value every day. It’s not just our job to provide supply chain solutions, it’s our passion." - Brandon Stieb, Vice President of Operations, Aim Integrated Logistics

To learn more about how Aim 3PL Brokerage can help steer your business’ shipping operation in the right direction, reach out to us at

Click "play" to watch the full interview with Brad Lewandowski, Purchasing, Import, and Logistics Manager for Ceramic Technics

Aim Participates in “Read Across America”

Posted on 4/15/2022
Aim Co-President, Scott Fleming reads to children at Liberty Elementary School in Liberty, Ohio.

Part of an ongoing promise to invest in and enrich the community, Patty Durkin, Aim Chief Human Resources Officer, Scott Fleming, Aim Co-President, and other dedicated Aim employees read with Liberty Elementary School students during weekly reading sessions. This took place as part of United Way’s Vello program during National Read Across America Week from Feb. 28 – Mar. 4.

Aim Transportation Solutions, the United Way of Youngstown, and the Mahoning Valley have worked hand-in-hand for decades to support the local community through community relief, education assistance and more. The Vello program is just one of several United Way programs Aim proudly participates in.

The United Way pioneered the Vello program as an easier route to accessible tutoring and companionship to benefit local youth. The United Way introduced Vello in 2017 has continuously worked in conjunction with local classrooms and professionals to provide in-person and virtual reading support to young students.

Although the Vello program can still be considered in its infancy, there have been significant benefits experienced on both sides of the campaign. Volunteers, ranging from high school students to local business owners, now have an easily accessible way to volunteer and positively impact children’s lives through educational support and mentorship. The young students reap the benefits of having older mentors in their lives who are actively engaged with and committed to enhancing their educations.

Aim volunteers partnered with students to read through “How to Catch a Leprechaun” by author Adam Wallace in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

“Whenever a reading session takes place, it truly is a beautiful sight to witness when these kids’ eyes light up and are overwhelmingly excited to begin their lesson with, not their educator, but a reliable adult who they know they can count on to always be there for them,” Durkin attested. “This is why Aim is truly honored to say that we are passionately involved in Vello and Read Across America Day and made a lifelong impact on these children’s lives, because the feeling is truly mutual.”

Recently, Scott Fleming and his wife, Erica Fleming, were named 2022 United Way campaign chairs. Year after year, the local non-profit organization raises millions of dollars for those in need, donates thousands of meals to hungry families and supports the educations of hundreds of students, and the Flemings will be an instrumental part of those efforts throughout the year.

If you’d like to contribute to the United Way mission, head over to to see what you can do to make a difference. Non-local residents can visit to find volunteering opportunities near them.

Patty Durkin, Aim's Chief Human Resources Officer, reading to kids at Liberty Elementary School.

Aim Mechanic and Family Venture to Disney World

Posted on 4/12/2022
Aim Mechanic Robert Carlson and his family in front of the iconic "Spaceship Earth" attraction at Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park.

Aim Mechanic Robert Carlson and his family enjoyed a week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to the happiest place on Earth—Walt Disney World!

Mr. Carlson’s name was drawn for the Disney trip as part of a recruiting contest held last summer. The rules were simple: For every CDL driver or diesel mechanic who was referred to Aim and hired, Aim employees earned an entry into a drawing for the vacation. Plus, every referrer collected a whopping $2,000 referral bonus.

In March, Robert, who joined Aim’s Phoenix, AZ, Hensley maintenance team in 2020, and his family jetted off from Arizona to Florida for a week’s worth of fun and relaxation. Robert beat out five other employees who helped recruit a driver or technician that summer during the contest.

Six total new-hires might not seem like much, especially to industry outsiders. But as insiders will attest: There’s no end in sight for the worsening driver and mechanic shortages, and so the addition of even a single driver or mechanic is a huge win. But six? That’s astronomical.

“First, I want to congratulate Robert and his family for winning the trip to Disney World and to thank him for supporting Aim’s recruitment efforts,” Aim’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Patty Durkin, said. “His and everyone’s contributions to bring top-quality candidates to Aim makes a huge difference for us and our valued customers.”

“Aim is filled with great people,” Durkin added, “and we know that great people know great people, which is why we’re so fortunate to be able run these contests, allowing us to harness the collective effort of the entire Aim team to help us fill open driver and mechanic positions.”

Right now, Aim’s referral bonus remains at $2,000 for every driver or mechanic who is referred, hired and works 30 days. On top of that, Aim is holding quarterly drawings for an additional $1,000. Just like the Disney trip contest, participants earn an entry for every referral.

But it doesn’t end there. Now through September 30, referrals will also net entries into a Dream Vacation raffle worth $7,500. The winner will be selected at random on November 22.

“If you know someone looking for a career with a great culture, endless opportunities and fantastic pay and benefits, please encourage them to apply at,” Aim’s Director of Recruiting, Suzy Baer, said. “Be sure to have them add your name as the referring employee so you can collect your bonus and get one step closer to that dream vacation!”

For additional contest details or questions, email Suzy Baer:

Scott and Erica Fleming Named UW Campaign Chairs

Posted on 4/11/2022
Pictured l-r: Geoff Fleming, Co-President; Rick Fox, CFO; Sandra Osborne, HR Assistant; Harry Shood, CAO; Patty Durkin, CHRO; Erica Fleming, Owner Mega Barre Youngstown and Scott Fleming, Co-President

Aim Transportation Solutions is proud to announce the naming of Aim Co-President Scott Fleming and his wife, Erica Fleming, as 2022 United Way campaign chairs.

For decades, Aim Transportation Solutions has been teaming up with the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley to make positive, long-lasting impacts in the area. Throughout this partnership, Aim has contributed time, money and resources to several community-enriching campaigns, such as participating in the Day of Caring, mentoring in the Success After 6 program, raising money during annual employee-led fundraisers and more.

The announcement came during the United Way’s annual program dinner at the Poland Lake Club in Poland, OH. Roughly 500 community leaders, local business owners and volunteers—as well as Ohio’s first lady, Fran DeWine—gathered to review the previous year’s successes while mapping out the goals for the year ahead.

Aim attendees included Scott Fleming, Co-President; Geoff Fleming, Co-President; Patty Durkin, Chief Human Resources Officer; Rick Fox, Chief Financial Officer; Harry Shood, Chief Accounting Officer; and Sandra Osborne, Human Resources Assistant. Erica Fleming was also on hand to accept the campaign chair position. Each year, Mrs. Fleming generously volunteers her time to the United Way as well as donates from her company, Mega Barre Youngstown.

“My wife, Erica, and I are deeply honored—both of us as local business owners and operators as well as proud community members—to be named chairs of the 2022 United Way campaign,” Scott Fleming said. “Giving back to the local community, which has given us so much, means the world to us, and we’re immensely grateful for this amazing opportunity to serve the area at this capacity with such an extraordinary organization.”

“There was no way we were going to turn down such an enormous opportunity to give back to our community,” Erica Fleming said, speaking at the event. “We had countless reasons why we wanted to help chair this year’s United Way campaign, all signs were pointing to this being the right step for us so it was an easy decision for us to accept this honor.”

Scott and Erica Fleming surrounded by their family at the annual United Way dinner.

Kicking off the night, Bob Hannon, the United Way’s Executive Director, praised the sellout crowd, announcing that thanks to last year’s efforts, the non-profit organization raised a campaign total of $3,476,600. That’s the most money ever raised in an annual campaign in the local agency’s 102-year history.

Hannon also commended the United Way’s Success by 6 program, in which more than 600 children in 19 school districts receive help to be better prepared for kindergarten. In addition, the initiative assists children who have vision problems in an effort to help them succeed in school.

During the pandemic, volunteers delivered food to about 400 families each month, Mr. Hannon added.

Enriching the communities where we live and work is something Aim CEO/Chairman Tom Fleming baked into the company’s DNA when he founded it more than 40 years ago. It’s a mission his sons and Aim’s Co-Presidents Scott and Geoff proudly carry on, and it shows. Each year, an army of Aim employees contribute through one-time donations as well as monthly payroll deductions. Many also volunteer their time to an array of United Way programs (such as food drives and community clean-up projects).

To achieve everything the United Way sets out to do, it relies on the help and donations of local communities. If you would like to get involved, head over to to see what you can do to make a difference. Non-local residents can visit to find volunteering opportunities near them.

Aim Celebrates Women in Transportation

Posted on 4/4/2022
Some of the transportation industry's most influential female leaders joined Aim for a virtual panel to discuss their experiences gaining prominence in a traditionally male-dominated field.

This March, during Women’s History Month, Aim Transportation Solutions put the spotlight on the often overlooked but crucial link in American’s supply chain: women.

Women in the transportation industry used to be uncommon. However, in 2022, that’s no longer the case. Currently, women make up roughly 16.7% of professional truck drivers in the United States. That percentage is projected to increase substantially in the coming years.

The truck driver and technician shortages have paved the way for female truck drivers and technicians to have a more influential seat at the table. Now, more than ever, women are viewed as an untapped source for alleviating the driver and technician shortages wreaking havoc on the national supply chain. Moreover, female transportation professionals bring a diverse, fresh perspective to the industry that was overlooked for many decades.

As a family-owned and -operated company with a strong devotion to its employees, Aim is committed to cultivating a culture that promotes diversity, inclusion and endless opportunities for growth and success. And we recognize that without the brilliant and devoted women at Aim, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

On March 24, as part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, Aim held a “Women in Transportation” virtual panel. During the live event, Aim Director of Marketing and panel moderator, Jessica Deane, spoke with Patty Durkin, Aim's Chief Human Resource Officer; Leah Shaver, President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute; Jane Clark, VP of Member Services, NationaLease; Kim Beck, VP Benefits Consulting, Cottingham & Butler; and Wendy Pein, Account Executive, Cummins.

(Click for more details about the panelists)

Throughout the discussion, each of these highly successful female leaders shared their experiences with coming up in the industry and how they navigated what has traditionally been a male-dominated environment. They also spoke to how rewarding of a career path the field of commercial transportation is and offered advice to young women interested in getting into industry.

“I was often the only woman in the boardroom,” Shaver said, speaking to her experiences coming up in the industry, “and so while I seem confident now, it’s because I propelled through those stages while also pioneering and advocating for more women in leadership roles—doing that as a board member for Women in Trucking.”

“As I continued to excel,” Shaver continued, “I found it was often by saying ‘yes,’ yes to every opportunity, yes to new responsibilities, yes to changing roles, and yes to even what felt really difficult at the time, which was expanding from serving one company to companies that are all over the world.”

Shaver added, “As far as where the opportunities lie, they’re limitless.”

“Continue your education—don’t stop—and don’t fear the industry,” Durkin said, offering advice to young women considering a career in transportation. “Be confident, network, join professional associations within the industry.”

“Working in the transportation industry is such a good career,” Durkin added. “It’s a growing field, especially for women.”

Aim's Women in Transportation virtual panel featured prominent women in the transportation industry sharing their stories and answering questions from about what drives their success in a historically male-dominated industry.

Aim’s celebration of Women’s History Month didn’t start and stop with the virtual panel. The women of Aim’s Marketing department kept things going by sitting down with Aim’s female drivers, technicians and office employees for a “Women in Transportation” series focusing on what it’s like being a woman in this field.

Some reoccurring themes centered on the challenges they faced being among the minority in the industry and how they adapted to overcome those obstacles. Additionally, these amazing and devoted women at Aim offered empowering advice for other females considering a career in transportation.

When asked if she found it challenging working the trucking industry, Jackie Bostic, an Aim Truck Driver, enthusiastically responded that she did at first, but that it offered “peace of mind and is encouraging.” Bostic added, “I try to encourage other female truck drivers as well. When I see other females driving, I give them a thumbs up.”

Watch the entire series, including the full interview with Jackie Bostic.

Patty Durkin has been with Aim since 2006 and was recently named Aim's Chief Human Resources Officer.

Announced in March, the timing couldn’t have been better for Patty Durkin to be named Chief Human Resources Officer at Aim. Patty started with the company in 2006 as a Human Resource Manager and quickly climbed the ranks, being promoted to Vice President of Human Resources in just four short years and now to CHRO.

“Patty came on board in 2006, back when we were a company of 300 employees,” said Scott Fleming, Aim Co-President. “Today we have well over 1,000 employees, and I truly believe that no company reaches this level of growth without a cornerstone like Patty.”

“She is as ambitious as she is considerate,” Fleming added. “She’s a true problem-solver and innovator. Every company would be lucky to have their own Patty Durkin.”

We would like to thank all the women who participated in our Women’s History Month celebration and making it as resourceful as it was successful.

If you or someone you know is looking for a rich, rewarding career with great work-life balance, higher and consistent pay wages and a supportive, inclusive environment that inspires success, Aim has several opportunities to explore at

Aim Transportation Solutions, made up of Aim Leasing Company and Aim Integrated Logistics, headquartered in Girard, OH, provides transportation solutions, including full-service truck leasing, commercial vehicle rentals, dedicated contract carriage, maintenance programs, professional shop management, 3PL brokerage services (including LTL) and pre-owned vehicle sales. Aim operates approximately 11,000 vehicles out for more than 100 separate operations with over 1,200 employees across the country.

Aim Techs Closer to Title of ‘Top Tech”

Posted on 3/30/2022
Aim Technician John Norwood (right) after winning the 2021 TMCSuperTech poses with Aim VP of Maintenance, Chris Disantis.

Every year, several Aim technicians put their mechanical prowess to the test by competing for the title of Top Tech during NationaLease’s Tech Challenge. This event tests hundreds of technicians’ knowledge and skills to determine who is worthy of such a distinguished title.

NationaLease, made up of 140 independent businesses, including Aim, operating as one to better serve customers across the U.S., recently held the first round of the demanding three-part Tech Challenge. We’re proud to share that three of our expert techs placed first in three of the seven regions Aim competed in and are one step closer to becoming the Top Tech.

Those winners are:

  • John Norwood – Elmhurst, IL (previous regional winner and former Aim apprentice)
  • Eric Maynard – Erie, PA (second-time regional winner and former Aim apprentice)
  • Bob Mrzyglod – Buffalo, NY (past regional winner)

John, Eric and Bob will travel to Atlanta in May for the second round, the hands-on competition, which is taking place during NationaLease’s annual Maintenance Meeting.

Congratulations to our first-place finishers. You have the entire Aim family rooting for you. Good luck and go get ‘em!

Interested in putting Aim's winning mechanics to work for you? From preventative maintenance to comprehensive maintenance programs, we have a solution tailored to exactly how you do business. Reach out to Download our maintenance whitepaper to learn more about all of Aim's maintenance services.

Pictured are Aim Technicians Bob Mrzyglod, holding a plaque from a previous Tech Challenge win, and Eric Maynard in his element.

Disantis Named VP of Maintenance

Posted on 3/22/2022
Chris Disantis, recently named Aim's Vice President of Maintenance.

Aim Transportation Solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Disantis to Vice President of Maintenance. Since beginning his career at Aim in 1988, Disantis has been instrumental in elevating Aim’s maintenance services to the nationally renowned, award-winning level our customers rely on.

Since starting as a Lead Technician at Aim 34 years ago, Disantis has proven himself time and time again while steadily climbing the ranks. He has held the positions of Service Manager, Regional Service Manager, Regional Director of Maintenance, Director of Training & Field Technical Support and, just prior to his promotion, Senior Director of Maintenance.

Now as Aim’s VP of Maintenance, Disantis will continue to lead, innovative and streamline Aim’s maintenance operations nationwide to better serve our valued and diverse customer base. The increased scope of this position also affords him the opportunity to work more closely with sales and other departments, and he looks forward to strengthening the team atmosphere between maintenance and the other branches of the company.

“Even though it happens behind the scenes, maintenance is front and center of everything we do at Aim,” said Geoff Fleming, Aim Co-President. “Chris has long been an indispensable part of making Aim’s brand of maintenance the exceptional, unrivalled choice our partners count on. We’re as excited as we are honored to move him into this position, where we know he’ll continue making significant and enduring contributions to our company and customers.”

“I’ve been with Aim 34 years, and this position has been my ultimate goal,” Disantis said. “It means everything to me.”

When talking real-world industry experience, one would be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable or seasoned than Disantis. His hunger for his craft began with a love of working on cars and with his hands long before joining the Aim team, and he calls being able to turn that passion into a career “a dream come true.”

Disantis’ invaluable contributions go far beyond the walls of Aim and ripple across the industry. He’s on the Board of Directors for the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) and is a frequent expert contributor to industry publications. He formerly chaired the S.1 Electrical Study Group; served as S.1 1st Vice Chairman, 2014-2016; oversaw the development and update of numerous recommended practices; helped organize and serve as a panelist on several technical and mini-technical sessions with S.1 and other study groups. He has also served on the TMC Board Nominating Committee and the ASE Training Mangers Council for the past three years as well as currently serving as a member of NationaLease’s tech competition committee, which he has done for 10 years.

Disantis, Aim VP of Maintenance and TMC board member, stands next to Aim Technician John Norwood after his first-place finish at the 2021 TMC Tech Challenge.

With this wealth of experience, Disantis has sage advice for up-and-comers considering picking up a wrench: “Trucking and trucks will be around forever—whether diesel, hydrogen, electric, etc.—and the excitement today in our industry for technicians with the rapidly changing technology is outstanding.”

“The old grease monkey image is gone, and the future is laptops and high-level diagnostics on the shop floor,” Disantis continued. “This a great profession to get into and start climbing your way up the ladder from tech to shop foreman to service manager and beyond. The sky is the limit.”

A major reason why businesses choose to lease, rather than own, their commercial trucks and trailers is they recognize the value in having dependable, well-maintained equipment; after all, uptime and customer satisfaction are part of the same equation. Anyone can hand someone the keys to a new truck and send them on their way. The real worth is in the effort and commitment that goes into supporting the operation of that vehicle, and Mr. Disantis’ unwavering devotion to excellence is a key part of Aim’s ability to be the superior choice among its competitors.

“Aim has been part of mine and my family’s lives forever it seems,” Disantis added. “More than that, though, the people I work with are more like family than co-workers. We have excellent leadership, and I appreciate all the opportunities they have afforded me.”

“I tell everyone that I love the company I work for and look forward to coming in every day,” Disantis concluded. “This is a great company to work for and the possibilities are endless.”

Disantis and his wife, Renee, have three kids and two grandsons. He is an avid trail runner and participates in ultra-marathons.

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