Select Lease

We can bundle any of our offered services to create a custom lease to meet your needs.

Why pay for services you’re not going to utilize? With Aim, you no longer have to! Aim is proud to present a revolutionary new offering: SelectLease. SelectLease is a custom model that allows you to pick and choose from all of our offered services. You can bundle your selection into your Aim customized lease package.

With SelectLease

Aim’s SelectLease gives you a menu of five different packages to choose from, because why pay for what you’re not going to use? Transportation issues can present challenges at your company, but each set of challenges is different. At Aim, we understand that and created this program to better provide the right solution for your specific set of challenges. No matter which package you choose, you’re getting Aim’s commitment to be your partner in transportation which delivers lower costs and peace of mind that your fleet is in the right hands.

SelectLease Offering

Personal Account Manager
PM Services
Full Service Maintenance
Road Rescue
Licensing Services
Washing Services
Fuel & Safety Services
On-Board Logging
Damage Bonus
Platinum Rental Extra Rates

SelectLease offers superior maintenance to increase your fleet’s uptime

  • We use state-of-the-art technology to provide the most seamless maintenance experiences available.

  • Aim technicians are distinctively trained and certified to provide top-of-the-line service.

  • Our safety programs are designed to motivate your drivers, improve performance capabilities, reduce accidents and comply with government regulations.

  • Every time your truck enters an Aim shop for preventative maintenance, a full federal annual inspection is performed.

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